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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Experience Riding Public Bus in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa

Now is still within the month of Syawal. Yesterday, I travel for about more than 600km per day. hoho It is tiresome and I get new experience to learn. Yesterday's condition have trigger me to share about the company which you can reconsider to choose when buying your bus ticket.

On 2009-2011, I stay at Selangor area and always buy ticket at Puduraya. It is easy to find any ticket to go Penang. You can just buy it on the spot. But at your own risk ok.! But I've always do this.
On 2011- 2015, I stay at Pahang. This require me to buy the ticket early because there is always more demand than supply!! lol

Ok,  here I list some of the bus company that I've rode. This is like my testimony or review on that company.

1. Etika Expres
Positive comments : So far so good. Comfortable. Spacious. 3-seat row. Organize.
Need improvement : Not on-time. If the ticket write 2.30pm, the bus will only arrive around 2.30pm upwards. So, if you going to ride this bus, no need to worry if you are bit late. (Kuantan). Sometimes the driver smoking but outside the bus.

Positive comments : So far so good. Like etika express. Spacious. 3-seat row. So far the driver is not smoking.
Need improvement : Bit pricy than other bus.

3. Konsortium Bus Express
Positive comments : On-time on both arrival and departure. Organize. Comfortable. 3-seat row. Highly recommended. Able to check the ticket availability online.
Need improvement : The driver is smoking inside the aircond bus. This is suffocating and make me suffer so much =.=' OMG!!!!

4. Shamisha Express
Positive comments : Comfortable. Spacious.
Need improvement : Lots of stop station. Like to change bus within the route.

5. Transnational Express
Positive comment : No need to worry no ticket. No need to hurry buying ticket.
Need improvement : The seat is not so comfortable. Small. But if you are lucky and get biggger and new bus, it will be very comfortable.

6. Plusliner Express
Positive comment : Looks gorgeous at the outside. Double-decker -if it write 'Extreme' in the ticket.
Need improvement : Too pack inside like a 'sardine'. No self-control for the aircond. Too small space and too small seat. Unarrange seating number. Havock if you are trying to find your seat number. Slow.Not comfortable AT ALL if you are going to ride for long distance. This seat even cause me numbness to my foot for 1 day. Not recommended at all except no other ticket available. :(

7. Taxi service at KL
This point is bit out of topic. But I just want to let you all know that not all taxi driver knows the route that we request. I have experienced once where I want to go to Location A but he dropped me at Location X. Bad experience but this has teach me not to simply believe in people. We need to have some extra knowledge.

Ok, that's all from my point of view. Apart from that, I'm able to meet and talk with new people who have the same fate as me. lol But they look positive and cool! Allah always help me at that time. :)

Just to note this here, I just know the term 'Polyglot' which means person who knows more than 4 languages will be called as such. This has inspire me a little bit to learn languages more seriously. Currently I'm trying to master in talking in Mandarin and Hokkien. Plus revising my Arabic.


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