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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Planting (Pictures)

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa,

Today I would like to talk and share about planting a.k.a. menanam pokok~
We have been planting so many types of plant since 2005 here.
This one capture on 2013. Try to compare with 2015 picture that I take Aug 2015. hihi
Do you know that there is blue bees that loves the Hempedu Bumi flower. Really nice to see them. Since I like planting, I want to list down types of plant that currently being plant at my home which are (i will just write this in Malay ok. >.<)

1. Pandan
2. Bendi
3. Cili merah
4. Lada cengik
5. Bunga melur
6. Kari
7. Inai
8. Terung
9. Kailan
10. Ginseng
11. Limau kasturi
12. Daun kesum
13. Orkid
14. Hempedu bumi
15. Bawang merah
16. Jejarum

Aug 2015. Larger and merrier. haha :) Look at the curry plant, pandan leaves, and the orchid flowers..!!

I wish I could plant many many many more plant that can be eaten. I feel very happy when I saw the plant is growing from the seed~! Take a lot here the one that I take in Aug 2015. I will show you one by one.

Pokok jejarum with more than 1.5 metre tall. Approximately my height. Previously there is only few flower but now the plant keeps flowering non-stop. alhamdulillah~
 Can you see at the ground which is  only covered with soil and looks so dry? That's because the keeper loves to spray herbicide until it becomes that way. so sad you know.. Can you see 'tonggol kayu' there? It is actually pokok inai which is veryyyy tall but they water it with herbicide :'( so cruel. The 'Koperasi' here water with herbicide for about 2-3 times to make sure the plant die 100%. Anyways, thanks to pokok jejarum to keep growing and giving flowers despite the poison that they give around you.
This is our garden in 2011. So nice compared with the latter picture. Do you notice that pokok jejarum is so tiny miny at this time?

Pokok bunga melur. This one grow from the root and they looks like 'tak pandai' flowering. All of their flowers 'tak menjadi'.

Pokok Limau Kasturi. Aug 2015 . Very small because previously there is pokok hempedu bumi in the same pot. So, after I put 'chicken feces' fertilizer, the plant looks improving and growing new leaves and give more flowers.

Young Hempedu bumi. If it matured, it will give flowers.

Pokok lada hidup.

Pokok bendi. So small.

Daun inai. the plant is not so strong and tend to bend according to the wind.
Here I will attach the pictures of plant that are not available now because already dead.

Pokok inai. So tall. hihi But there is lots of caterpillars also.
This is our second garden which is really the beginning after being poison.

Pokok inai. This one looks pretty~ masyallah subhanallah.
Bunga lidah buaya. Dia punya batang is very strong and give flower after many years of living. I don't remember if the flowers smells nice or not.

Lidah buaya. They will keep reproduce new 'daughter plant' until the area is covered with them. lol~ You can eat or use at your scalp hair to make your hair a lot. The plant turns light brown when its old.
Bunga melur. 2011. Really nice smells. Natural fragrant

Pokok kunyit hitam.

Tips planting:

1. Pandan. In order to increase its growth, make sure to water with rice water (air beras yang guna waktu basuh beras)
2. Limau kasturi. Use red/orange soil. Make sure only 1 plant in 1 pot. Otherwise, the plant will not grow. So sad.
3. Orkid. Just put 'goat feces' fertilizer (baja tahi kambing) and then there will be flower coming out.
4. Bunga melur. Water with rice water also.
5. Ginseng. So easy to plant this.
6. Jejarum. You do not need to water if you plant on the ground (not in the pot). They will keep give you flowers and it is nice to see. ^.^

Problems encounter:
1. Pokok Kari. Have lots of insect, worm. But easy to plant. I still don't  know how to get rid of them.
2. Limau kasturi. Butterfly worm love its leaves. Keep an eye on that.
3. Kailan, terung, and bendi. So slow growing from the seed.

Ok, that's all for now. I will share little of my knowledge coming soon. See you later~
Zai jian. :)

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