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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Idiom in English (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum, Ni3 hao1, konnichiwa ...

Today i would like to share idioms that can be used while talking in English. Btw, just want to inform that I just know and learn how to pronounce the Mandarin tones correctly~!!! omg~~~ I feel so happy finally my ear are able to capture and differentiate the tones. It's so hard for me previously but now I need more practice. haha Having no FB throughout the week, no Whatsapp for non-sense make me so productive and can do so many things until flat. My neuron and acetylcholines are very active generating the new one.

Besides learning Mandarin, I also need to improve my English vocabulary so that I'm able to make sweet and spicy sentence. hahaha  So here are the list of the idioms that I copy from a book (i'm addicted to copy a book now. lol~ But actually if i copy this, i will remember those words more stronger.. )

Had better
[it would be good for them to do it]
+ I think we'd better go now. It is getting rather late.

Hands off
[you don't want someone to touch or take it]
+ Hands off those cakes. They're for your sister's friends.

Have (got) a bone to pick with someone
[they have done something that makes you unhappy]
+ I don't know why Sarah has a bone to pick with me. I've done nothing to hurt her.

Have a go / Have a go at
[you try to do something]
+ Look, if you think you could do better, why don't you have a go?

Have a good time
[They enjoy themselves]
+ We were all having such a good time that no body wanted to go.

Have fun / Have fun with
[They do things that they enjoy]
+ We need time at the weekend to have fun with our friends.

Have had enough of
[Means you are tired of them]
+ Children, I've had enough of your noise. Be quiet for five minutes!

Have had it
[things is no longer usable]
+ I really thought I'd had it when I fell of the ladder.

Haven't the foggiest idea
[have no knowledge of the subject that is being talked about]
+ I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about.

Help yourself

[you take something that have been invited to take]
+ Dad gave us each some meat and we helped ourselves to vegetables.

Hit the roof / Goes through the roof
[They become extremely angry]
+ If your teacher ever sees this, she'll go through the roof.

How do you like...?
[When you are asking someone to tell you how they would prefer to have something]
+ How do you like your jacket, sir - tight-fitting or loose?

I beg your pardon / I'm sorry

[Apologizing  for something you have done]
+ I beg your pardon - I didn't realize that this was your seat.

I can't help it
[you cannot avoid doing something/saying something]
+ I can't help it. I'm just too terrified of flying to travel anywhere by plane.

I would love to
[enthusiastic way of saying yes]
+ I'd love to go to Venice. It's a city I've always wanted to visit.

I don't blame you
[you think that someone's action/feeling were justified]
+ I don't blame George for wanting some peace and quiet at the weekend. He has to put up with so much noise during the week.

I dread to think
[when something that will happen in the future makes you feel anxious]
+ I dread to think how much it's going to cost to repair the car.

If I were you
[Use when giving someone advice/warning]
+ I wouldn't touch that, if I were you. It's just come out of the oven.

I know for a fact that
[use when going to give someone an interesting piece of information that you are certain is true]
+ I know for for fact that her mother disapproves of what she's doing.

I know what you mean
[shows you understand what someone has just said to you]
+ I know what you mean. I've got the same problem myself.

In a manner of speaking
[To suggest that what has just been said is slightly unusual and perhaps only partly true]
+ Chichken can fly in a manner of speaking, but usually only to get up to something like a low branch of a tree.

In a nutshell
[means in very few words]
+ Jane's last sentence put the matter in a nutshell.

In any case
[means Whatever happens/whatever the situation maybe]
+ We're going in any case, whether Peter and Jane come with us or not.

In dribs and drabs
[means in small numbers or quantities and at different times]
+ Why don't you collect all the money and then give it to me, rather than sending it over in dribs and drabs.

In my opinion
[When you are stating something that you personally think or believe]
+ In my opinion, the best thing to do is to wait.

In public
[You do it in a place where other people can see or hear you]
+ If you said that in public, you might get arrested.

In the long/short run
[means over a long/short period of time in the future]
+ Everone should know that in the long run smoking damages your health.

In the news
[They are being written about and pictured in the media]
+ Milisa is always in the news. Wherever she goes, photographers follow her.

It beats me
[Informal way of saying i do not understand it]
+ It beats me how she managed to get here so quickly.

I told you so
[means I informed you or warned you that this would happen]
+ I tould you so, but you wouldn't believe me.

It's a good job/thing that

[Means it is fortunate that..]
+ It's a good thing that there was nobody in the car when the tree fell on it.

It's a long story
[when they are asked to explain a situation. Means the explaination will be long& complicated.]
+ Why won't you tell us what went on at the meeting, Mr Finch? - 'Because it's a long story and I'm a very busy man.'

It's beyond me
[Means that you cannot understand how/why/what]
+ How Sarah could have left the back door wide open is beyond me.

It serves someone right

[means that the person has been justly punished because of something bad that they did]
+ I don't feel at all sorry for Ben. It serves him right for being cheeky.

It's just as well (that)

[means that it is fortunate that it happened or didn't happen]
+ It was just as well that we took our sweaters, because the evening turned very cold.

It's no joke
[means that it is a serious or difficult matter]
+ Trying to keep three children amused on a wet day is no joke either.

It's no use / good
[Express the idea that something will not produce any result/benefit]
+ We all tried together to lift the rock, but it was no use. The rock was much too heavy.

It's up to you/someone

[To decide which one they want that they have the responsibility for choosing it]
+ It's up to you, Maria, whether you want the red dress or the blue one.

I was wondering if/whether

[A way of asking a question very gently/politely]
+ I was wondering if you could lend me a few dollars?

Just a minute/second

[You want someone to wait or pause for a short time]
+ Just a minute, I'd like to look at that picture again, please.

Just in case
[Do it as a precaution]
+I'm taking my gloves just in case the weather turns cold.

Just you wait
[Use to create a feeling of expectancy in the person you are speaking to OR to prepare people for something exciting that is about to happen OR introduction to a threat of some kind]
+ Just you wait till my big brother hears what you did to me. Then you'll be sorry.

Keep an eye on
[You watch them in order to keep them safe or because you are suspicious of them]
+ Can you keep an eye on the saucepan in case it boils over?

Keep going

[They continue to move/do what they have been doing]
+ A piece of fruit will keep me going until lunch time.

Keep your eyes/ears open
[you want them to be alert and watch/listen for things]
+ Keep your eyes open for Orchard Street. That's where Richard lives.

Keep your fingers crossed / Cross your fingers
[Expressing a hope that something will happen]
+ We'll all be keeping our fingers crossed for you in the race.

Keep your voice down
[You want them to speak softly]
+ We have to keep our voices down or we'll frighten the birds away.

Knock it off
[Very informal way of telling someone to stop doing what they are doing]
+ Knock if off, you guys. It doesn't help if we quarrel amongst ourselves.

Leave someone/something alone

[You do not try to interfere with them]
+ Leave the cat alone, Rover. She doesn't want to play.

Let's face it
[To introduce something that is true]
+ Let's face it, Sarah isn't the greatest ballet dancer in the world.

Look out! / Watch out!
[A warning to alert someone that they are in danger/are endangering someone/something]
+ Look out! There's a car coming

Make a face / Pull a face
[You move/twist your features to show an expression of strong dislike/disgust on your face]
+ Brian opened the envelope and made a face. 'It's not the news I was hoping for,'he said.

Make a fuss / Kick up a fuss
[They express anger by shouting/being noisy&complaining]

+ Jenny kicked up a terrible fuss because she didn't want to go school.

Make do with
[You use them in place of something/someone better/preferable]
+ We don't have any more vases. Can you make do with this?

Make up your mind
[You come to a decision]
+ I can't make up my mid which of the two outfits I prefer.
+ Don't try and persuade me to do anything different. My mind's made up.

Mind your own business / That's none of your business
[say when you feel that the question is impolite/impertinent. it shows that you are unwilling to answer it]
+ I asked a perfectly civil question and she told me to mind my own business.

More or less
[Means almost/approximately]

+ They didn't arrive until the party was more or less over.

My feet are killing me
[Something that people say, informally/humorously when feet/;eg are feeling very painful/tired]
+ I've got to sit down for a minute. My feet are killing me.

My pleasure
[Say when someone thanks you for doing something for them or giving them something]
+ 'It's so kind of you to help.' - 'My pleasure.'

My treat
[Something that you say when you intend to pay for the things, for the people who are you with]
+ My treat, everyone. Order what you like.

Ok that's all for know Kamsiah che che for reading my blog~ (hokkien way of saying thank you very much). Next post I will try to write about my informal learning experience in nihon (japanese) language.

Zai4 jian4 (now I know the tone pronounciation and easy to remember the tone a little bit)

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