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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Learning Japanese language - Beginner

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, konnichiwa,

Today I would like to share the technique that I use in learning Japanese language. If you know Malay, then Japanese is easier to learn. Lots of words in Malay also have in Japan with the same meaning! hihi

Tips learning language (these are the practical thing that I've done for 5-6 years ago lol~ Now I need to do this for Mandarin language) :

  1. Learn formally through the videos
  2. Listen any conversation in Japanese 
  3. Watch movies / drama such as Detective Conan
  4. Online chatting with native speaker (Japanese are really friendly and helpful ^.^ )
  5. Practice talking with friend or simply teach your friends
  6. Write everything that you learn in a special book. 
  7. Repeat for several times until you remember. Make sure you familiar with the sound.
  8. Learn writing.
  9. Add more vocabularies.
  10. Learn their culture, food, and many more.
  11. Finally hopefully you will be able to stay in Japan~!

Here I will list the sources which is good site for learning.

From Youtube:
  1. Learn Japanese Pod (Learn step by step)
  2. Japanesepod101 (Learn step by step with great sensei) *Highly RECOMMENDED
  3. TheJapanChannelDcom (Learn Japanese culture)
  4. ShibataBread (Learn through movie or conversation)
  5. LearnJapaneseFromZero
  6. IslamForJapan
  7. GenkiJapan (Learn through song)

From Website :
  1. GenkiJapan
  2. YesJapan
  3. Nihongo-e-na (Learn Reading in Japanese)
  4. ShibataBread
  5. AboutDotCom
  6. Livemocha (Chatting with native speaker friends)

Enjoy learning. I will update later if I suddenly remember something. haha~

That's all. Jaane~ Zai jian ~

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