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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Self-Design Book Furniture (Pictures)

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, konnichiwa.

Today I would like to share about my experience and process involved in designing a book furniture. I will show according to the pictures.

1. Draw the rough view of how  you want the furniture look-like. Make sure to measure exactly the size. Since I don't have measuring tape, I just using the one that use for sewing. haha I also measure about the length of the books available in the house so that to make sure there is enough space. Book furniture should not be too long since books are so heavy and can cause the wood to bend.
This is the 1st sketch before deciding to change  to remove the table part since my okaasan think it is not appropriate to mix table with book furniture.

I secretly snap the real designer (carpenter) drawing. hihi Can you understand?  They have included the divider measurement which I didn't put in my drawing.

 2. Survey for the 'carpenter'. Get the prices first. Luckily, we find good carpenter and also give affordable prices. The cost is around RM3k+. Then, the carpenter will come to your house and take and double check the measurement. It will take about 7 days for them to prepare.
Old furniture. Age : 1998-2015 which is around 18 years old. It looks nice because we have shellac it. However, this kind of shelf is not very practical because of the long length which has already bend when heavy books is placed on it.
 3. Finally the day come. The help remove out the books and also the furniture.
Destroying a.k.a. removing the old shelf. It seems pretty hard to remove the part cause the shelf is good quality I guess. Can you see the books? lol~

4. It will takes about 8 hours to finish everything. So, just wait patiently.

This is the place for wire plug in the cabinet. It looks like lego because they need to cut to its proper shape. haha
Not yet finished and furnish.
Tool that he used to cut the fomika. They apply gum first and let it dry before cutting.
Tada... Finished~ This is our family mini-library. It takes around 3-4 hours to complete putting all the books in the shelf. Its tiring. hoho Arranging properly according to the height and types of book also take few days. The door of the shelf which is located at the bottom is self-close. You don't need to push until close.  The total cost is around RM5k.
Precaution that you need while making the furniture and arranging the books are please wear mask to prevent you from getting sneeze.. Its bothersome. One more, the edge of the shelf is so sharp. My hand got cut everytime I arrange the books. It is painful if we come in contact with water.

Let me list types of books available (just for my reference ofcourse) :

1. Dictionary - English, Malay, Arabic
2. As-Sunnah magazine
3. EFY magazine
4. Hasan al-Banna collection
5. Tafsir al-Quran - Al-Umm, Al-Azhar,
6. Motivational book
7. Novel - English, Malay
8. Harun Yahya collection
9. Cooking recipes collection
10. Da'wah non-muslim collection
11. Sunan collection
12. many more

So, if you come to my house, please have a good reading and enjoy~~haha

That's all. Zai jian

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