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Friday, September 11, 2015

TM Streamyx Installing Processes

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa

Here I would like to share the process involved in installing the TM Streamyx. The steps that I have conclude from my own experience if you are going to install TM Streamyx are :

1. Take the form at the nearest TM Centre
2. Fill up the form. Choose whether you want to have Streamyx or Unifi
3. Submit
4. If you are previously subscribing the other company WIFI services, make sure to ask that company to cut out the line. Otherwise, TM cannot connect the line.
5. Wait for the TM person to come to your house.
6. TM Installer person will call or SMS you to confirm your address
7. He will come together with modem and setup everything. He will ask your preferred username and password for the WIFI connection.
8. You won't be able to have internet connection until you received confirmation SMS from TM. It takes about more than 3 hours or sometimes 1 day.
9. Enjoy your internet.

These steps above are what you are supposed to know and received. However, what I wonder is that the TM authorized installer himself do not know anything. Does he didn't get any training or any extra information about TM Wifi ? I'm really curious. There are lots of problem with TM. I will try to list it down here. I really hope they improve their services. It is so bad and makes customers feel annoyed.

The problems :
1. They do not told us in the first place that we need to ask the last WIFI company services to terminate the line. How come they are waiting for us to call for so many times and then they told everything?  If you are not proactive, you won't be able to have internet connection at all. I even waited for about more than 1 week after submiting the form.
2. After finished installation of Streamyx modem, the installer person do not know the reason why we could not have internet connection immediately. He is supposed to know or at least brief to their customer that we will receive confirmation SMS from TM. I wonder whether the TM person got any training or not before start working....
3. After we complained and asked the previous WIFI company to terminate their line to our house, our phone line get cut up and there is no dial at all. Silent. TM people call us by cell phone and we make a report. But nothing happen. So, we need to make another report at 100. Then, action has been taken place. It is so weird with the TM people.
4. They put a choice of 4Mbs downloading internet speed but then after a week of submiting the form, they call and inform that TM do not have 4Mbs. So, we need to choose other choices whether 2Mbs speed or higher than 4Mbs. Hmmmmmm

Ok, that's all about Streamyx. However, the internet speed is good even it is 2Mbs. Only the uploading speed is so~~~~~~~ slow like a turtle. haha Too high downloading speed is also not good ok since you might downloading viruses without notice. lol~ so be cautious...

Zai jian~ Jaane~

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