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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy and Keep it up!

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa,

As the title say, that's how I feel right now. I don't know why suddenly I feel happier and energized after watching lots of video showing that people facing so much hardship. Are you curious want to know some of the videos that I have watched? Since I'm really positive and sooooo happy, so I will list below :

1. North Korea life
2. Foreigners living in Japan
3. Talk by Dr Maza and Maulana Asri regarding life in the Paradise, Allah loves us, rewards that we get if we do good deeds, many more.... i could list it here. But you can watch in my youtube channel section "Liked videos".
4. Cats / Any pets / Animals
5. Palestine cases

Things that make my heart moved so much is number 1 & 3. I tear up a bit after know how hard it is to live in North Korea. You can watch it in the youtube.

Ok, the latest that cause the turning point to make me decide that "I should be always be happy-go-lucky at all time even when i face hardship, and will always try to do my best no matter what happens" until I die. Even if i feel so much pain, i fall sick, I will try my best to show that I'm actually good. haha.. It may sounds impossible to me though, but at least I should have intention and try slowly starting from tomorrow. When I write like this, it will be like a reminder to me and I should always follow what I have promise.

Since I believe in Life in The HereAfter, Paradise from Allah, so, why not I just endure challengesssss and obstacles crossing in my life cuz Allah will reward me better.

Actually, the real big courage to make me decide that is crossing my mind every time after of watching Japanese life in the youtube. I could say that I want to try my best to become friends just like japanese friendship. I want to copy everything at the positive side which is in accordance in Islamic teaching. There is pretty hard to find in this Malaysian community that kind of friendship. Yeah, you may say that I don't know the real situation at Japan since I only watching in the video that might have been edited well. Just make your life easy and happy. How about you take the positive side and live happily. Right?

Sometimes, non-Muslims attitude is much more Islamic than the Muslim itself. It is just it's not their 'time' receive Hidayah.

I want to promise to myself that I will enjoy everything happening in my life, just look at the positive side and ignore any negative and non-Islamic values. Just endure in this short life and live happily. I have God to rely to and let Him know my problems.

I have a cat. But currently unofficially adopt one more cat. These 2 cats have opposite styles. One is big eater, noisy, love to stay  by human-side, and loving, but another one cat is the other way around. The big eater one is the unofficially adopted from my neighbour. Seeing the cat always stay by human-side, accompany us even when we get angry and scold them, makes me feel touched. Their cuteness and innocent face make me happy and energized a little bit when i feel so sad and down.

For palestine cases, it is only a little bit trigger for me. This is because i'm not so strong to watch and see bloody red things. I feel trauma and phobia i guess. Only by watching the bloody images cause me to feel like i also having that kind of thing on my body. The images may even play in my mind for long time and make me feel i just want to die right away (cuz i don't want to feel the same thing).

So, right now, I have really BIG BIG BIG BIG courage to learn Mandarin and Hokkien harder until I'm able to understand the native speaker conversation. Also not to forget is Arabic language! Everything in this world is a challenge and we must be strong. Just enjoy doing it and you will taste the SWEETNESS 'aftertaste'. hahahaaa

I'm a happy person right now. :) Thanks Allah for giving me this feeling. So, I'm able to pray more to you.

Ok, that's all.

Zai jian... Jaane..

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