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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Recipe - Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa.

Today I would like to share my first try recipe which is called as Japanese cotton cheese cake. I take this recipe from youtube channel. The taste is very fluffy, not so sweet, and no egg odour. However, cheese and sour cannot be tasted!! lol~ I'm not really sure why but I guess because too much egg..? haha Next time i will try to add up more cheese and lemon juice. It is easy and simple but require to use lots of utensils. hihi

The ingredients are :

1. Butter salted (50g)
2. Tatura Cream cheese (250g)
3. Fresh milk (100ml)
 #Melt everything over double boiler. Then let it cool.

4. Flour (60g) + sodium bicarbonate
5. Corn flour (20g)
6. Salt (1/2 tsp)
 #Sieve and mix everything.
#Add into the cheese mixture.

7. Egg yolk (6)
8. Lemon juice (1/2 of the fruit)
# Add into the mixture above.

9. Fine sugar (140g)
10. Egg white (6)
 #Whisk this until form meringue which will not fall down when you make it upside down. It will only take 2 minutes to form meringue from my experience.
#Add sugar little by little starting when the egg form lots of bubble.

#Then, mix little bit of the meringue with the mixture.
#Then, mix everything. Make sure they are evenly distributed.
#Pre-heat the oven.
#Make sure there is no air bubble can be seen in the cake mixture.
#Check the cake whether it is fully baked by using a wooden stick.

Tips :
1. Cover the container with butter and flour to prevent sticking.
2. Use heat at 160 degree celcius. If the cake seems to rise too quickly and uneven, slow down the heat.
3. Place water bath in the oven.
4. Make sure no egg yolk even very tiny little2 one go into the egg white since egg yolk will prevent the formation of meringue.
5. Make sure the egg is not cool (let is be at room temperature). This is for the case the keep their egg in the fridge.

Happy trying your own fluffy cheese cake.

Last but not least, I just want to say something related to human. Just an advice to everyone including me. Please do not throw out your anger or stress to other people. Maybe Allah want to test my patience level and I need to met someone who is always think of him/herself in stress and whatsoever feeling. That's your problem. You should be able to control and know yourself better. Don't talk when you know you can't think properly. You may hurt other people's feeling especially women. Please think about your own attitude that cause somebody near you to react such way. Women's heart is so fragile and they tend to keep experience almost 'permanent'. Most people got their own feeling and emotion. Just try your best to control and think positive. We have life in the HereAfter and will insyallah get lots of rewards if we keep patience.

That's all. Jaane~

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