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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cooking Experience in School (Jan 2016)

Assalamualaikum, ni hao, konnichiwa,

Its been long time I have not writing anything informative in my blog. Since I have regain my mood and feeling which is back to norm, so I can start writing again. Hihi I will only be able to write when I am in calm mode. Otherwise, my mind is like hurricane~~.

Ok, so lets talk in Bahasa. Haha its easier for me lor. And also for you to read. erm... No la. I feel like want to speak in english. Kiki~ bear with me ok. sometimes my brain just need few seconds to change mind/ decision.

I've only work as a chef for 1month++ with my friend at a private primary school on January 2016. At first, i feel afraid because i have never cook for such big amount which is for around 200-300 people. Since i also want to help that school + gain experience + money, so i have decided to proceed.

As a chef, I need to get thypoid vaccination. It costs about RM37+. You know what...the injection is painless..! Haha its a relief.. But the next day, my hand feels 'lenguh' and need some rest. We also get a letter asking us to go to a talk before we will be getting a special card. Here is the card which is valid for 3 years..:

We arrive a bit late for 10 minutes and quickly doing everything that is needed. I just dont remember exactly what happen but it is very chaotic on the first day!! That time, i am thinking of want to give up because of too hectic + tired + no time to rest + too oily. This might be because of first time experience of working after long longggggg holidays..hahaha

The 2nd day and the following day is getting better and improve a lot. We always going back at noon which is early than our boss expect. Hihi naughthy workers. We need to prepare breakfast and lunch for the students and teachers. Lots of menu but alhamdulillah we able to manage everything well.

I will try to list out the menu that I have cooked there:
1. Ayam masak merah
2. Ayam kicap
3. Tomyam
4. Ikan asam pedas
5. Sambal tumis nasi lemak
6. Nasi lemak
7. Sup ayam
8. Nasi ayam

*I will try to share the recipe that I used here. But I can't keep the promise since I think I might forget also. Or.....the pictures of recipes in my phone sometimes got missing. lol~

 Benda2 goreng :
1. Kuew tiaw goreng
2. Bihun goreng
3. Nasi goreng
4. Maggi goreng
5. Mee goreng

Here are some of the pictures that I cooked.
Ayam masak merah. Red color because I add chili powder. hihi otherwise, this food may look orange because of coconut milk. haha

Sambal tumis nasi lemak. This is my first time cooking this much. Actually it is better to cook this in the 'periuk tertutup' so that it will not 'meletup' and get to your hand.

Mee goreng. The easiest food to prepare so far.

Of course there will be some challenges happen. Let me list out in point form:

1. Danger of sparking hot oil at our hand and face
2. Hot vapour from cooking which is really cause teary eye
3. All of our cloth and face are covered with oil and its odour. Washing cloth up to 3-4 times only able to remove the odour.
4. Its too heavy and require lots of bicep muscle at the hand to make bihun goreng and nasi goreng. Always 'lenguh' the next day after cooking that food. Maybe its good for men doing such thing
5. The cooking utensil is too big and its really heavy to carry.
6. Forgot to put the ingredients in the food. Haha this is because we are doing so many things at the same time and i'm not really multitasking person.
7. Always get complain of bit salty taste. Its because i always forgot to not to add salt in the sauce if i have fried the chicken...especially ayam masak merah..
8. Even 1 lauk require more than 1 hour to cook.
9. Need to wake up early so that we able to reach there by 630am. Its too early ok..
10. Cannot eat at a proper time. 

Despite all the challenges above, the salary is good which is rm60/day. Its good because we only work for half day and part time with no qualifications or experience in cooking at big scale.haha sapa yang berani mau hire person like me after this?kikiki~ at least i have experience cooking in big scale. So people....dont cheat me..i also know la.. dont always use MSG...mak aji..pak aji..its bad for our health..

There is one makcik there dont even want to taste my food.haha makcik's age is around our grandmother age. She rather do not eat. Maybe she hesitate to eat food cooked by too young woman.haha but its ok. The students and teachers do enjoy my food. Alhamdulillah.. The staff there even demand want this and that without knowing that its like a war for us to prepare this and that.haha 

Then, i decided to resign together with my friend because i dont think i'm able to work without my friend. its tiresome plus make my face getting lots of black head and mountains.hahaha.. even though it is bit sad, but i think its bit boring to just working with cooking utensils. It is much better if able to talk with people and inject something in their mind.hihi

If I become more 'rajin', I usually will edit this post later. But I'm not sure when la.hihi Mood swing so fast....which mean most of time I'm too lazy and sometimes too hardworking and writing another post.hihi

I actually want to write something that really change my paradigm of thinking and way of life. It is really affecting me so much. But I think I need lots of time to digest in the brain before transfer it into writing a.k.a. essay. haha wait na~

Ok, thats all, zai jian~ jaane~

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