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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Experience Teaching Kindergarden (Feb - May 2016) [Pic]

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa

Today I would like to share my experience teaching 4 years old students. It is thrilled and i enjoyed it very much. If let say I have my own child, I know the condition of kindergarten school.

I will divide the story into two, the teachers and students. These stories is based on my own experience. Different place might have different types of experience.
5 years old task need to colour the section according to instruction given by me. Most of them listen but there are few just like to do as they wish.
p/s : I'm not intended to make the reputation of this kindergarden bad. Anytime they can improve and become better. The bad things that I told below just to make sure we take positive things and avoid doing the negative things. Everybody and everything has their bad and good side. It is just the matter whether we want to improve or not.


The salary is not so much but they need to work for almost 11 hours which is from 7.30 am until 6.00pm. There is even compulsory meeting once every month. The meeting is usually worthless because only chitchatting and the teachers need to 'work' as cleaner cleaning the house. I think this is unethical since teachers also have their own family. The teachers don't get any extra salary for working overtime (OT). They even get cut off salary if they don't attend that. These are somewhat like complaint on behalf of the teachers. haha

Ok, now lets move on to the real teachers part. The best teacher for kindergarten should be someone who L.O.V.E.S. so much to children - kind, polite, educate, responsible, fair, good listeners, have good knowledge for kindergarten children, and eagerness in something good. You know why I highlighted these values? This is because I have observed by my two eyes teachers with such bad attitudes and the students imitate exactly that negative word/action. Omg~ The kids is so pure and innocent and do not know what is good, what is bad. They just know to copy exactly what the teachers said and do. The kids became so wild and hard to control.

So, my advice to parents out there. When you want to choose kindergarden for you children, please look at the teacher's attitude. If it is good, so, your children will also be good and follow his/her positive attitude (hope so). Even if the teachers are good, but the boss pressured the teachers too much with so many things, boss not considering welfare of the teachers, the teacher's performance and quality will drop down.


These are their daily activities :
- Arrive in the morning around 7.30 am.
- Morning assembly
- Tazkirah or some Islamic reminder by the Ustazah
- Go to class and learn for 1 hour. It is really super hard to control and make the student stay sit on the chair because the class is just like a normal primary and secondary classroom. The students are very energetic and can't stay silent.
- Breakfast
- Class again for 1 hour. The subject for each day differ.
- Break. Students who pay for half-day will go home while students who pay for day-care will stay and proceed to bath
- Lunch. They eat by their own.
- Nap time from about 2 hours.
- Reading IQRA session
- Praying session
- Tea break
- Go home. Some parents take their child early, some are too late. Pity to the teachers need to wait longer. huhu

I just remember some of their name now. Total 4 years old students are 19. Dhia Amani, Amirul, Haziq Zainuddin, Adam Haziq, Adam Ziqri, Alisya Zara, Isma Madihah, Amna, Amni, (amna & amni are twin), Ayyaz. I worked there from Feb until May 2016 because don't want to work in Ramadan month.hihi

So, let me share with the pictures below. Just for illustration purposes.

Sleeping on this. Adult also can sleep on this except for too tall person. Really nice.

Cute little girl.. I forgot her name. ayoyo 'manja' (pampered? maybe)
Doing the experiment.

The neighbours give this cute little fruit. Called as Jambu Air. Not so sour, little sweet and 'lemak'

This is the tree that bear that pink fruit

Teaching plan. Somesort like this. The easiest way to write. There are also another structured a.k.a. more lengthy complicated to write. haha

Gifts that I received because of Teacher's day.

With Alisya Zara, and Isma Madihah. Pretend to be shy. haha

With Firdatul Husna, Umair Zaki Qayyem, and one more I already forget her name. omg~

Writing plus playing. Enjoy very much. haha this is 6 years old students

6 years old students. It seems they are photogenic.
This is just for my diary. Once again I would like to remind that I have no intention to make this kindergarden looks bad. This kindergarden actually playful and good place. It might be because I only know this place and don't know about other places. Might be this place is far better than the other. Who knows~

Lets say these kids have grown up and found this blog, I would like to say Hi~ Nice to meet you. Do you remember your reallyyyy nice teacher....? :p hahaha

Ok, that's all. Jaane.. Sayounara...Xiexie..Zai jian..

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