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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Recovery Story of A Cat [Pic]

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa

Today I would like to share the recovery story of my cat. Actually I have place this story in my FB . Anyhow, I will jot down here as well and add up some other new information. Actually this is my neighbour's cat who sneak into my house. lol~ He is like a baby.. haha Ok, Here the story goes :

On the 1st day of meeting him after his 'outstation one day'. This is on 26 Jun 2016. He cannot walk properly and even wait for people to serve him water and food. haha He drinks lots of water for 1 week. Maybe he is really dehydrated.

There is even blood stain but not really sure where is the source.

sleeping while waiting to meet the Dr. hihi too tired meowing i guess..
Right hip joint dislocated and pelvis fractured at two (or maybe 3?) locations. Just discover after doing xray on 28 Jun 2016.

He was prescribed with medication which are antibiotic, paracetamol, and for constipation. But i didnot give even one. Waste my money. ayoo.. its better not giving him PCM since if he feels good, he loves to walk around and go outside of the house. Antibiotic also not give since i think it is better to have natural healing plus he dont have any open wound.

For you info, hyena also need time for recovery by sleeping a lot. Only wake up when want to eat and poo. So, since cat is in the same species as hyena, so, their recovery mode is almost the same.

His defecation problem also resolve by naturally. It is just on the previous day, maybe he feel too much pain while poo.

The Dr also suggest to have operation cutting the hip bone if he walks by using 3 leg. But i dont think thats good for cat. hihi I watched youtube videos showing some vet Dr just anasthesize the cat and adjust back the joint into its socket.

possible reason of fracture can be falling down too high, somebody step on him, or maybe accident..? not really sure though

 This is his primary spot to sleep. He prefers sleeping on the floor directly when he feels warm. hihi

 Now he loves sleeping in this basket. hihi actually this is for his 'project'. But he dont want to use his cat sand. The sand Smells too strong btw.

This is the basket used to carry him going down to go poo. After 2 days, he is used to the carrier and will go into the carrier by himself and meowing, which indicate that he wants to poo. haha genius cat..

he will meowing loudly when he cannot see any people around.

 since he is sick, so, we just provide what he likes. So he can choose cloth or paper to sleep on. This is considered as his 2nd and 3rd spot . He is still cannot move around

 Can selfie with him because he cannot move

Look at his right ear.. Feeling gatal but leg cannot move up. Pity lor~ he is on anti mite medication ear drop.

 Waiting to go out for poo.. hihi Need to carry until near his poo's location because he can't walk properly. We even provide cat's litter but he don't want to use lar~ He is 4kg+ and it is really heavy for me to carry once everyday. ayoyoyo~

 Cat sitter.. kiki

Feeding him. Otherwise he will meowing loudly until he gets food.


Loves to Watch the scenery.. recovery process. getting better. it takes about 1 weeks for him to be able to walk around and go down the stairs.. but still cannot groom himself and cannot lick at all. So, he need to poo everyday or every 2 days. he cannot stand on his own leg for long time.

on the 2nd weeks,he is able to go and poo by himself. After that, he is able to go up and down the stairs.

After 3 weeks, he is able to do grooming and even sleep on his leg.

 His new sleeping posture after recover.

 Like a big boos. Even use two pillows! haha but sshhhh~ keep silent. he will answer you if you are talking near to him


Seems to like new spot.. in the box!

unfortunately, he is not able to jump up high now. So, when he wants to go inside the house, he will give Salam first. haha

Currently, he is able to jump very high but will end up 'gait' walking. When he is sleeping for too long, he will end up gait walking again. hihi

That's all. Jaane. Zai jian.

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