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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Daie by Nouman Ali Khan (25 Okt 2016)

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa

Here is my note after listening to speech by Nouman Ali Khan on Surah An-Nahl (6:125). Love to listen his speech which I think really meaningful and can be applied to myself. It is like shooting accurately to the centre of the dot.hihi

Meaning of this ayat: Call/Invite to the way/path of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction/counsel/advice, and argue/debate/engage with them in a way that is best/better. Your master is certainly far more knowledgable of who is misled/lost straight away from his path and He knows who are committed to guidance.

- Focus to Muslim & NonMuslim. Apply universally.
- Contains incredible number of lessons, volumes of wisdoms
- 2 dimensions of this ayat.

- Invite someone to a destination. Not invite to a path/road but the end of that road.  Call them to the path. Have many implications. Not everybody is travelling at the same speed/progress, some people are far behind from the journey. You have to assess who are the person you are calling. Some people travel very fast and make progress very fast. Imagine like some on motorcycle, some walking, some on the car, some are crawling. But as long he is on the road, it is ok.

- there is not only one standard of dakwah. As long as there are some kind of progress, thats ok.
- a lot changing is happening on the inside not the outside. you think there is no changes when you advice but he is still thinking. it takes him sometimes to process. Dont expect the same kind of changes that we have with what happen to them. There are also people who are just standing beside the road, not even moving.
- There is happen all the time, mad'u is better than the daie himself.

- Knowledge is the gift of Allah. Even the knowledge that we have is from Allah.
- Bussiness of giving advice, you will unconsciously become arrogant that feel like you are better than mad'u.
- Different audience/ category of people need different style/language of reminder.
1. Level of hikmah/heavier. 2. Level of simple reminder 3.Small minority but very loud., aggresive, fight, refute, create controversy with you

 - should not debate/argue with everybody.
- dakwah is for everyone. but argument is for specific group of people.
- call people wisely

- what reaches the heart, give advice according to the person's need.
- be a listener if you want to be a daie. we only interested to be heard but not hear. spend time with people, understand what they are going through.
- building relationship with people. good advice is for all human being.

- for daie, they have to assume they dont know where their iman is. dont get to judge.
- dakwah is an act of ibadah. service to humanity.

Q: how to maintain ikhlas & istiqamah in doing dakwah
- remain sincere & constant is very hard thing to do. long time you become ungenuine anymore. so how? H
- captured in the Story of Musa & Harun. Musa says Harun speaks better but there is alot of quote by musa in quran.
- Acknowledge your weakness. Dont see the competition with others. there is no competition between other daie. there are people doing thing that other people cant do. complement each other.
- give other people credit/position. make recommendation.
- tasbih : only allah is perfect & remind each other is not perfect. 
- to be consistent, need people to support you.

Q: General rule understanding young people
- have them to open up to you. because most of time, adult is the one who talk.not the young one.

Q: How to make non-muslim not focus on negative side of Muslim.
- Horrible argument is "look at quran, not look at me"
- Hikmah is a high level. Good counsel = touches the heart.

Q: Advice to workers of islam eg different NGO arguing each other
- knowledge doesnt mean to argue with each other.
- bani israel behaviour like that.
- like family. we cant have one family. each have different rule. for some causes, everybody unite. the same as NGO.
- worst thing done to the ummah if muslim NGO fight each other.

There is lots of things I want to write in this blog but got no time lor.. Will try to find some time to write before I forget everything.haha

Ok that's all. Jaane~ Zai jian~ Sayounara~

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