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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Early Working Experience

Assalamualaikum, ni hao, konnichiwa.

Today would like write something short cuz got no energy. Hihi just started working on early December and the coming week will be 7th week out of 52 weeks total. So many new things i've learnt and many more to come. Working required lots of energy because my job require me to think, memorize, and relate with so many things. Multi-tasking. Eventhough you are officially in that unit, but still required to do duty on other unit when your name appeared on timetable. The happy news is that there will be no night shift.  I really need to be strong, eat more healthy diet, maintain good health, and pray alot to Allah to make me stronger to face any challenges.

I'm sure that my friends also find this route a bit challenging because we are still in early phase plus 'working environment' is not that islamic because some seniors just love to condemn, talk out bad things instead of guiding nicely. Simply just because you get paid, so they can do whatever they want. Not everyone are bad but there are some tarnish that situation. Maybe they forgot that we have life in another world where you will get punish/reward on what you have done to others. We are working simply because Allah told us to find rizq in halal way. Not to forget Allah remind in Quran to do everything ikhlas and many more. Do you realize that? Do you want to waste your deeds just like that? I hope Allah will 'balas' (return) you anything that you have done to others either good or bad things. And i hope that Allah will help me alot.

So, for others who do feel stress or less spirit, remember to keep praying , read lots of Quran, make dua to Allah. We are actually going through another phase of challenge. So we need energy from Allah to make us able to get through it.

Everybody do feel fatigue while working but they can still treat others nicely. You also want people to treat you nicely right? if you can still be nice to ordinary people,  weak people, inferior people, sick people, or bad people, then you are really awesome excellent and may Allah reward you with million of rewards. Help others so that Allah will help you.

Im saying this as a reminder to me as well.

Thats all. Jaane. Zai jian.

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