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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random thought

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa.

I just want to share for my 35 weeks working experience.  Initially, I was not able to adapt with the working condition. So many new things to do, need to understand. But now maybe i have become a bit immune to all sorts of "obstacle". I even thought of want to quit but alhamdulillah, now Im still able to work. Ya, people are human and not perfect. There are so many things need to do their way. Even one slight mistake or even 2 minutes dissapear from their eye will make u looks very bad.  Thats how my working place treat their newcomers. We dont even have rest time from 8am till 1pm.
If you are slow, they will complain why la slow, but if do fast then got mistake, they even scold more. Haha so better be slow and safe ok. Just ignore their talking. People will never satisfy with you.

oh yeah, why only complaining stuff above? Just want to let others know the real working condition really depends on the co-workers and superiors working there. There are many kinds of people you can observe. Here I will list type of some people that I have observe:
1. Angry bird. Scold everything that you do. But if you did it correctly, they will just ignore and shut up.
2. Detective. CSI, Query everything. Ask questions alot. Even if you ask them, they will answer you back with question.
3. Eagle eye + Reporter. Keep an eye on everything that you do. Then report to the superior if you done even some small mistake.
4. Snakes. They look Calm but Dangerous. Be extracareful eventhough they looks so nice and calm but once they dont like, they will fire you back.
5. 'Depressive baby'. Once they are in this mode, they will reject anything that do did. Even influence their friends to reject too.
6. Salesman. No demand, no supply. If you dont find me, if you dont ask me, i wont tell you anything.
7. Kakaktua. Will explain everything thousands of info within few minutes. And then you will become 'brainfreeze' coz could not able to digest the info.
8. Amnesia. Talking bad to the newcomers as if they will be forever superior. Kikiki~ pity wor.
9. Kaki sapu bodek boss. No need to explain. Will show up everything to make them looks good infront of the boss.
10.  Many more... lazy to think right now. Will add up later if i rajin.lol~

Anyway, there are a lot of benefit if you work here. As usual everything have their pro and cons as long as we are living in this world. So, the benefit is that, you are really learning so many thing and im sure you will become a good worker after finishing this course. They really teach you alot. Once you are competent and really good, suddenly the others become so nice to you. Ya, im 50:50 agree and disagree to those actions. I know if become too kind, people wont learn alot. But please try to teach instead of scolding bcoz people cant learn alot in depressed condition. As you know, mental health is really important so that you can function normally.

Working also makes you creative to create fake reason. Ya, everything you will learn because the pressure is there.

Thats why it is importance to have good attitude of the workers so that everything can run smoothly. However, we can only pray and try our best and the rest let Allah do. Allah know whats better for us anyway.

Btw, just short notes here. "The more busy you are, the more tasks you can do." Try as best as you can to do it nicely. If feel tired, go get some rest. The real rest is once we passed away. So, lets work the best until the time come. Pray to Allah alot to help you go through all the challenges in this temporary world. Ya, this world is temporary, so do all the problems.

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