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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Belajar Menbuat Dasar Baju Blous & Mini Jubah

Hi!! Don't know how to make your own 'dasar baju'? For your information, 'Dasar baju' is the basic in making cloth. If you're able to make this, so you'll have no problem in making other types of clothes. As you can see the picture below is the example of a 'dasar baju' and the position how you want to put 'dasar baju'. The light brown color represent the paper that is being cut according to your body size. Its not that hard to learn sewing but it needs our patience. If you like sewing, you can finish your blouse in even 1 day! but if not....cryyyyy

Now, let see how to make this......... Here is how you are going to make blouse.

Special for MINI JUBAH (or i would say baju kurung with a cut and button in the front) :
1. it is the same except just remove the 'pinggang' part. No need that part.
2. You must add +3/4 inches at the part of neck for 'dasar baju bahagian depan' since it is the place for overlapping to put button.

Yay! Finished. Its really easy, isnt it?. Jaane.. Sayounara. See you next time.

read this artikel on tutorial how to do mini jubah

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