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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Year 1 Sem 2 BoP

Ni hao.

This is continuation for Year 1 Sem 1 artikel.

So, on Sem 2, i'm taking 7 subjects which are:

  1. Study Circle 2
  2. Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya (sains dan teknologi)
  3. Organic chemistry
  4. Medical biochemistry
  5. Fundamentals of Pharmacology
  6. Pharmaceutical Analysis
  7. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
So, what do you think on all of this subjects? All of the subjects need our wernikes area soooo much. understand..or.. couldnt? haha

basically, we need to memorize everything especially microbiology. You are going to be sick of laying on the bed and keep saying the same thing in order to memorize it. However, if you enjoy, it will not be that difficult. Sadly to say, i just enjoy all the subject after finished final exam! hahahaaaa pity me.. i should realise 'it' earlier so that i'm enjoy memorizing.

ok, now, let me describe each subject more details, one by one.

ok la..we have practical Slaughtering Courses. However, i dont like blood, its smells..as some of you may know that my olfactory receptor are very sensitive and can even detect very low dose. haha hopefully you understand what does it mean.. study circle 2 just like study circle 1 but the final question for this time is easier and more logical than previous one.

as you see the title, it is related to chem. Well, pharmacist will not be pharmacist if they are not expert in chem because we are dealing with drug and some sort of chemical. First few month of learning this subject, i feel like im dreaming or am i in the correct courses aka am i suitable and should continue studying to be pharmacist? :p

well, dont easily give up. marks doesnt matter that much but at least you need to score at least pass the subject. What matter most is that you understand the things that we learn. What make this subject like (i called it as) a 'typhoon/disaster/ribut/tsunami' is that i couldnt understand some part of the lecture but then we have Q.U.I.Z....!! so, the last choice is just memorize everything and vomit it when answering the question. but, it is not the best way because you may suffer from stress, headache and of course dementia!haha

the lecturer loves to ask about mechanism of reaction and we need to know what happen when reactant A react with reactant B at what condition, its intermediate and final product..this is not like H2 + O2 -> H2O2

but there are some of the product is like cholesterol. can you imagine how can we remember the structure? but cholesterol is a bit easier la because only have 4 rings can some branches.. how are we suppose to remember the structure of streptomycin?
streptomycin structure
cholesterol structure


this subject is soo interesting and fun because we learn what happen chemically in our body. for example, amino acid cycle, urea cycle, glycolysis, protein, carbohydrates, fat metabolism, diabetes,  and many more. No need to memorize everything once you have understand the process.  The practical session during the lab is a bit tiring especially during oral glucose tolerance test because it takes about 3 hours and we need to prick our fingers 3 times to check the blood glucose level. One more is taking urine and check the presence of 8 things (ketone bodies, blood, lymphocyte, glucose, etc) using urine strips


we learn how our body act on the drug, type of drug suitable to the disease, name of drug and many more related to drug. The lecture is a bit fast so, if you must read first before go to class. otherwise, you will be in lost..

 this subject is like revision from sem 1 and some part from matriculation. then add-on some complicated topic which you need to really understand. 

Tooooo many to memorize. Micology,  gram positive, gram negative bacteria, virus, hepatitis, tinea versicolor, herpes simplex, tinea corporis, and many more... just remember la..it is fun actually.

so, overall, during this sem, my schedule was a bit unorganized.  so, bit 'kalut' + dragging my subject because i play around again..dreaming for the first 2 month..because im always thinking that grades doesnt matter. until at last, i finally get the spirit..haha

so far so good because not like when we learn during primary and secondary high school. we learn how to handle meeting, writing letter, minutes, resume, how to interview and going to an interview, and etc..

ok, that's all. jaane~

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