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Friday, June 19, 2015

Pharmacy Community Posting (1/6)

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa,

It has been long time i didn't share anything related to my study. May be it is because i don't have time to sit in front of the laptop writing what is in my mind BUT now, i'm free to do so. Alhamdulillah.... I'm actually has finished my undergraduate study in Bachelor of Pharmacy and waiting to work.

Back to the topic,  I just want to share my reflective diary which has been done on community posting at one of the pharmacy. I need to 'work' there for 6 weeks which is around 9.30am until 4.00pm. Of course its tiresome coz its working and need to do lots of work. But its good because you can gain hundreds and tonnes of knowledge everyday.

I love to share my knowledge and experience here since I think others who Google and read my post will gain something which may benefit you. For me, it is a 'waste' if you only keep the thing by yourself. This also does not cost any money (only require your time to write. lol ). Who knows this knowledge may help any of your relatives and also life in the hereafter..? hehe

So many things I can learn which you can read below. Its lengthy and may give you 'tranquilizer medicine' for free. hahaha I have summarized the diary according to 'Week'. This actually require to be submitted to gain marks. Thats why I have wrote it sooooo details. Enjoy reading to the last!


In the first week, my main activities are familiarizing with the arrangement of products, identify the types of products available, licenses displayed at the premise, how the actual poison book looks-like, and checking stock balance of the products in the pharmacy. Firstly, the pharmacist asked me to observe the items exist in the pharmacy.

This maybe a lucky week for me since drug enforcement officer (DEO) come and therefore I can observe directly how the DEO perform their inspection. He look up the Poison book and check whether the balance in the poison book tally with the physical balance. The DEO also taught how to use hologram Meditag decoder, informed about the rampant use of abortion and expired drug sold by pharmacy. He told that Penang has the highest number of selling of drug for abortion. Meditag decoder can be requested by just sending a request letter. In order to check whether authenticity of hologram, the color combination should be left side pink and right side white (when observe under Meditag decoder). Fake hologram will have both left and right side pink color. DEO also told that they also have special torch light which is much more expensive in order to observe hologram since the hologram consists of 5 layers. Selling abortion drug is an unethical practice even though it does guarantee high return (money) since cost price of the drug is only RM4 but being sold at around RM15-RM50.

Before this, I thought there is no or very little people know that pharmacy also provide services for blood glucose test, lipid test, and blood pressure test. Even if public know, I thought public more prefer to do at government clinic. However, during these week, there are more than 10 customers come to do the test which has makes me realize that public awareness about pharmacy services are good. Pharmacist also told me that after introducing blister pack, public doubt about the effectiveness of those type of package. After some time, public may be become more educated and convinced and now have accepted the blister pack type.

Next activity being done during this week are checking stock balance. At the first time is bit challenging since I don’t even know how exactly the drug looks-like and the arrangement of products in the store is done by another person, and another person (which is me) need to find the things. Sometimes, because of nervousness, I couldn’t even recall what is the function of the drug even though I have learn and memorize well before. Knowing the drug function will help me a lot in searching for the location of the drug. However, after doing so many times checking stock balance, the task become more easier.

On the other time, I’m able to observe how the pharmacist respond to and counsel the customers, how the promoter promotes the product, how the sales assistants do their work, and customer’s hassle. From the observation, I hope that I can try to practice a little bit as they do since they look so experienced and professional.

New information that I just know is that there are two types of breast milk pump which is electric and manual one (manual is just by using hand). Next new information is there are even customers come and request medication for very minor problems such as body heatiness which I think can be resolved by drinking more plain waters or shower frequently. There are also many kind of plasters available which are antiseptic, waterproof, transparent, and breathable film type. Other new things that I just know is that, there are many kinds of traditional herbal cough syrup medication available at the pharmacy. Before this, I only think that pharmacy only sell one kind of cough medication which will cause sleepiness and addiction if in excess. Another thing that I think is interesting for me is that the presence of locum pharmacist. Before this, I could not imagine how locum pharmacist actually work, but now I am able to see the real condition. The pharmacist told me that the locum pharmacist unfortunately cannot have their own pharmacy because enforcement in this state not allow to do so. But the higher authority and what I have learnt last semester allow the locum pharmacist to have their own pharmacy shop. The locum pharmacist need to display their retail license at the premise too. There are three types of license in order to open pharmacy shop which are License A (Retail), business license, and Annual Practising Certificate (APC) license whereby all the licenses need to be renewed yearly. All the licenses can be seen displayed in the pharmacy premise.

Sales representative also come and meet the pharmacist to promote many types of products. There are one time whereby the pharmacist busy handling the customer, the sales representative have a short talk with me. He told that it is difficult to find Malay people work as sales representative since it is bit hard because the job require the person to be talkative, friendly, and critical thinking. He also advices me to beware and try to avoid working at C***** pharmacy since the management is very strict, mistreat the pharmacist, and would not let out the pharmacist easily. It is a very good information for me but I think I should reconfirm the truth before believing totally to this story.

At the first day, I was a bit nervous and awkward because I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do for the first time since. Monday is a bit very busy day since many customers and even the dispatchers/courier come. The following day, I get enough confident to face the customer. One problem face is only language barrier if Chinese customer speak mandarin as I could understand anything. However, there are so many new things that I have learn this week. I tried my best to remember all poisons but when customer requested for the drug, my memory got stuck and blank. I need to train myself to become less nervous, more alert, and should easily understood what the customers want.

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