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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pharmacy Community Posting (2/6)

Assalamualaikum Ni hao Konnichiwa ,

Here is the continuation for week 2 of my diary in community posting. Click here if you have not read for Week 1.

        This week, I learn about the setup of Sdn. Bhd. pharmacy, inventory management in details (has been described in details as in Assignment 1 (Question No. 3), filling cream and liquid iodine into the small containers and beakers respectively, placing the newly received items on display, explore the Prescription book, and also familiarize with the process involved upon stock received. According to the pharmacist, it is not easy to get prescription and there are even some customer who want to keep the prescription by themselves. This is the most challenging part in retail pharmacy. Most of prescription come from private hospitals or specialist clinics. Some of the printed prescription even has fade away maybe because of low quality of ink being printed while some handwriting is difficult to be read.

        The pharmacist actually have experienced working in retail pharmacy for many years before opening her own pharmacy outlet. She gets the help from her friend in order to choose the fast-moving items, stocks, credit, and some cash to start. The location of pharmacy is also very strategic since it is located near the resident/housing area. From this story, I noticed that it is important to have good social networking in doing business and build good rapport with friends. Additional information is that Sdn. Bhd. company must have their own secretary, auditor, and accountant. It is more cost-effective to hire auditor rather than another pharmacist because pharmacy only need to pay once per year to the auditor. Pharmacist responsible to make SOCSO and KWSP for the staffs. Pharmacist also sometimes act as an office boy, manager, HR, and clerk accountant.

        Arrangement of items in the store is divided into unpack section, unopened product section, cream/ointment section, small product section, loose vitamins section, and bottle section. When arrange things in the store this way, it is easier to find anything. From my opinion, it is better for one person (or at most 2 persons) to in-charge in the store for keeping and searching since it is very much easier to find if he/she is the only one in-charge. If more than 2 persons in-charge with the store, the arrangement of the items in the store will be bit messy since different people will have different way of arrangement.

        New information for this week are pharmacist told that if we change location of pharmacy and want to transport poison, drug enforcement officer (DEO) need to seal the package and monitor the process of transportation. I also discover new items while exploring items in the pharmacy which is Winged Infusion Set (Terumo Surflo). Since the item look like branula but more attractive,  I  asked the pharmacist. She explained that the things usually used for neonate to administer drug through IV. However, in this community setting, saloon business and gay people used this for cosmetic purposes such as Vitamin C injection. I also asked about MooGoo product and the pharmacist told that they no longer sold since there is no demand while the product is very expensive. New things that I have discussed with the pharmacist is about long term use of ferrous fumarate which is not good for health because the drug produce free radicals. Therefore it is important to counsel the patient to consume more anti-oxidant food or if still require long term intake of medication, the patient can change to Saferon product which are radicals-free.

        Another new information is about KKM label/registration number, more specifically about herbal product/drink. The pharmacist explained to me that any product having KKM label can be trusted and can be displayed in the pharmacy premise because DEO can inspect at any time. Summon will be issued if get caught displaying product without KKM label. Other new information is product containing Clobetasol and Betamethasone has the strongest efficacy, Megacid suspension is better than Dyna-U suspension for antacid.

        After observing customer being given ibuprofen for fever, I asked the reason from the pharmacist. She told that Ibuprofen is being prescribed because we assumed that patient is already self-medicated at home with PCM. Ibuprofen is an NSAID group and more effective than PCM. We can also ask the customer whether he/she had took any medication at home to reconfirm whether he/she already take PCM or not yet. One more thing that I observed for past week and this week is advertisement being stick to the glass wall of the pharmacy. I found out that the sales rep from the company that come to the premise and decorate it by themselves. Sometimes, the company even pay to the pharmacy since it is one of the method of advertisement from the company to the customers.

        New activity done during this week is performing blood pressure test to the customer and still observing blood glucose test and lipid test since I’m bit less confident to do. The lipid test require to draw more blood by using special small dropper. This week, I felt more confident and able to serve customer more often than last week. One customer come and requested Scott Emulsion with “milk”. At first I’m bit surprised to hear that but then after asking the pharmacist, I show Scott Emulsion DHA product to him with more confident. Another customer also come and requested Scott Emulsion for elderly and I quickly take the product at the display rack and try to convinced him that this product suitable for elderly.

        Since there are many types of Panadol available in the pharmacy, I looked at the ingredient for each type of Panadol. I have notice the interesting difference from each Panadol product which are Extra (plus caffeine), Regular, Actifast (plus sodium), Extend (increase PCM dose), Children (decrease PCM dose), Menstrual (plus Pamabron), and Soluble (plus sodium more than Actifast). I also learnt from the sales assistant that there are 3 types of OCP usually given by government clinic which are Rigevidon, Regulon, and Microgynon. There are even some customer requested medication to have menstrual period and will be given OCP. It is because some or most of the customers believe when taking those medication will help improve the menstrual cycle rather than taking OCP. However, it is usually psychological effect since menstrual cycle will become normalize when the patient stress-free (because feels more secure and normal after taking medication).

        I am also able to have some chitchat with few customers this week. A friendly aunty customer that come this week advised me not to eat sweet food too much since it is painful to inject insulin every day. Even though she already has used the small size, she still feels as if pricking the organ. She told that she need to inject three times per day and therefore next time she wants to replace with oral medication. Another customer, uncle around 55+ years old, which is my 1st experience seeing customer asking about the indication for the medicine. He come to buy Bromhexine to remove phlegm and Panaflex for pain near the waist and told me that he don’t want to consume oral painkiller since he has kidney disease. Next customer is Sir ABC which told that he felt disappointed to G******* pharmacy because there is no pharmacist even after waiting for 30 minutes. I’m also having short chatting with pharmacist who worked at P***** Pharmaceuticals and he told me to contact him when graduated.

        Last thing which is most important point in retail setting practice, when the customer requested for any medication which are not available at the pharmacy or never heard before, ask for the indication or problem/symptoms and then recommend the medication which is available in the pharmacy. This step is important because we do not want to lose the customer.

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