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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh The Conquerer [Video]

For eight centuries, the conquest of Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey, was a dream for the Muslim commanders. Ever since the era of the revered companion, Mu`aawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyaan, there had been many attempts to conquer it, but none had succeeded.

Every Muslim commander wanted to be the conqueror praised in the narration in which the Prophet said: "You will conquer Constantinople. Its commander is the best and its army (that will conquer it) is the best."

Who was then the person about whom the Prophet gave glad tidings? It was Muhammad Al-Faatih son of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II.

Muhammad Al-Faatih as a child and his excellent preparation:

Muhammad Al-Fatih was born on 27th Rajab, 835 A.H., 30th March, 1432. He was brought up under the supervision of his father, Sultan Murad II, the seventh Ottoman Sultan. His father prepared and trained him to shoulder the responsibilities of the position of a Sultan. Muhammad Al-Fatih memorized all the Quran, learnt the Prophetic narrations, Islamic jurisprudence, mathematics, astronomy and the skills required for war.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tutorial GIMP - Part 1 & Part 2

Watch Online: Tutorial GIMP - Part 1
Using Rotate Grid , Crop, Image Size and Layer Tool

Watch Online: Tutorial GIMP - Part 2
Setting up

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Problem With Gnome Display Manager(GDM) in Ubuntu 11.04

Assalamualaikum. Minna-san konnichiwa. Hi everyone. I want to share you something.

Before this, I'm using Ubuntu 10.10. So when Ubuntu 11.04 is avaiable, I immediately upgrade it. Time taken to get new packages is about 1 days! Its too long for me to wait because the channel/server used is very slow which is about 12kb/s and less. So, i recommend if you want to upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu11.04, dont forget to change the high speed channel/server. Here is the place:
First, open Synaptic Package Manager.

Now, you will have a high speed rate.

Then, after finished upgrading, i suddenly thinking to make my profile background with Maru the Cat. I get the gelp from my お父さん(father). Its a little bit difficult as I don't have much knowledge about programming. Its not the ordinary background (not that one picture background but background like windows7). It need 3 steps to do it. I will talk about it later.

Now, we come to GDM. After i finished setting up my background, I restart my computer. But then, it surprise me! My Ubuntu goes black! It doesn't want to open. So, after finding out the problem (which my お父さん did), he finally get the result. custom.conf is missing from /etc/gdm/

So, how we resolve this? Its easy as you can only copy custom.conf to gdm folder. I also attached the content of custom.conf, Then, you can have your Ubuntu back. Have a try.

#I forgot to mention where i copy. You can run Ubuntu from USB/live CD then copy the file from it(the same location).