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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Virtual Identity

みな こんにちわ!

I want to tell some story.
One day, a girl received phone call by someone.
The caller said that she have done something wrong which is actually the girl doesn't even realise that it is wrong.
Maybe the girl is also wrong because she did not concern about the rule.
But one thing is actually, why did you still accuse somebody who do not know that 'it' is wrong?
Claimed that you are 'ISLAM' but your behaviour does not even show you are practicing islamic teaching. Islam will not punish those who do not know but we need to learn in detail when we realise it.

so furiousssss ( `´)===C<*_+ ) *&%$@#$^*!*)(&&&%$#
ほんとう に だいきらい。。。あなた やくいん(いいうM)!!!!

hahahaaa... going half-crazy

Saturday, January 28, 2012

6 Natural Remedy and Prevention of Diseases

1. bile of the earth (pokok hempedu bumi) aka Andrographis paniculata is good at treating AIDS besides good at treating other diseases.

2. very ripe banana has its own natural antibiotic property.

very ripe banana is like number 7. some of the 'skin' changes color
3. eating small sliced of beetroot is good at increasing our blood pressure immediately [compared to prune & salad](especially those with low blood pressure).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non-Smokers Also Smokes, Suffering from CO

 Why do I say so as in the title above?
How can non-smokers produces smoke? Where is it come from?
Let me tell you.
Those who has their own vehicles (cars or motorcycle) !
Why suddenly I want to talk about this?

This is because i'm suffering from the smoke every morning when my neighbours start their vehicles. Their ekzos (forgot how to spell this word)  is facing directly to our house and eventhough no wind blowing, the CARBON MONOXIDE (which is very poisonous + dangerous + bind to red blood cell permanently which can cause death due to lack of oxyen if it exceed the limit) will be easily entered to our house.

[my mother has told them so many times about this but then they do it again]

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do subtitles like in anime & Video recorder

げんき です か?

If you like to watch anime, you will see there is intriguing/ 'catching' subtitles everywhere. So, how did they do?
well, i will just guess what type of software they used :

Friday, January 20, 2012



a.    Macam mana nak jaga hubungan dengan Allah? Jap, kalau nak jaga hubungan dengan Allah, mesti la kita kena tahu Allah ni sapa? Kenapa nak jaga hubungan pulak? Pelik tak? Pernah tak terfikir macam ni? Kalau pernah terfikir, cepat2 cari jawapan. Tanya orang yang tahu (orang yang mahir dalam bidang tu la. Kalau kes ni, cari la ustaz atau sesiapa yang mahir dalam bidang perbandingan agama. Kalau susah sangat nak cari, guna teknologi terkini. Search kat google harunyahya.com. Semua ada.) Ok, back to the topic, macam mana nak baiki hubungan dengan Allah?

b.    Pelihara solat diawal waktu. [Memang nampak macam, “betul ka jaga solat diawal waktu ada beza dengan solat ‘tengah2’ waktu?Janji aku solat.” Pernah terfikir macam ni? Fadhilat solat awal waktu & melewatkan solat hanya boleh dirasakan oleh orang yang buat. Jadi, kalau tak pernah lagi solat awal waktu, cuba2 la buat. Mana tahu dapat rasa. Tapi jangan la jaga solat awal waktu seminggu je. Mana ada effect. Kalau la engko sakit cancer(atau sakit macam2 lagi), makan ubat seminggu je, pastu nak tengok effect dia, logic ke? Pandai2 la fikir.]

c.    Banyakkan zikir. (Tak rugi air liur pun kalau zikir banyak2. Kalau nak sembang2 lagha/gelak+perli+mengata kat orang, ringan je mulutkan. Cuba2 la ringan kan mulut zikir kalau dah tak dak keja+malas sangat.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easy Way for Sharing / Transfer files Using Samba from Ubuntu 11.04 to Windows

Assalamualaikum mina~
Today i would like to share with you how to transfer or share files with others.
Let say, one person is using Ubuntu and the other friend is using Windows.
Now, both of them want to transfer files without the need to use external stuff like pendrive or whatsoever.

Before I begin, why did I use Samba instead of others like Bluetooth, external hard disk or pendrive?
Well, I guess, it is because this is easier for me to share files without disturbing me (while i'm doing other stuff). Plus, your friend (who is using Windows) can easily check the folder that I've shared (give permission) + copy or paste any file that you prefer + prevent virus from spreading into your/my computer + many more that you can list here if you like it! =)

There are 5 steps involved:

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Nak jadi muda? Bagi yang dah berumur, mesti nak jadi muda semula. Kalau dah dewasa, mesti teringat masa kecik2 dulu. Boleh main, makan, tidur tanpa perlu fikir masalah2 lain. Seronok je hidup masa tu. Tapi ingat, masa sentiasa berlalu. Tak ada yang terus muda dan tak ada yang terus bahagia/merana  selamanya. Nama pun dunia. Mana ada yang sempurna. Jadi kita kena banyak2 bersyukur dengan semua nikmat yang kita ada. Semua benda yang ada pada kita ni kira nikmat.  Sakit dan susah pun nikmat tau tak? Nikmat la sebab kalau tak sakit, macam mana nak tahu nikmat sihat, nikmat makan nasi sedap, dan macam2 lagi. Bak kata orang, kalau kita buat aktiviti orang muda, kita kira muda la kan? So, jom buat dakwah untuk jadi muda. ^^

Jadi, bila dah dapat nikmat, kita kena syukur la kan? Macam mana nak tunjuk yang kita ni bersyukur sangat dengan semua nikmat. Semua orang pun tahu – syukur dengan lidah, hati dan amalan, dan anggota dan amalan. Syukur dari segi anggota dan amalan ni adalah jenis syukur yang paling penting. Bukan kata yang jenis lain tak penting, yang lain pun penting, tapi ketiga ni yang lagi penting dari yang penting.

OK, yang atas tadi tu introduction je. Sumber benda ni ditulis: selepas dengar ceramah dari Syeikh Hamid Helwa. Jadi kalau ada sebarang salah, harap ditegur. Ya lah, bunyi kan ada resistance. Mana tahu ada bunyi yang hilang tengah jalan tak sempat sampai impulse ke brain. Opppss,, mengarut lagi.. Sekarang kita masuk topik utama kita.