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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Selamat Tahun Baru 2018

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa..

Hari ni hari terakhir bagi tahun 2017. Jadi mulai tahun depan, saya nak set azam baru. Renew azam lepas-lepas. Tahun ni merupakan tahun yang bermacam-macam perkara berlaku. Penuh memori dan sandiwara. (*^▽^*) Alhamdulillah masih dikurniakan rezeki hidup dan sihat walafiat. Jadi saya akan ringkaskan perkara yang telah saya lalui sepanjang tahun ini.

Hidup yang penuh liku-liku yang sekiranya kita hendak jadikan menarik, memang sangat menarik. Tapi kalau nak stress, memang sampai sudah stress memanjang. Ha...tengok kata-kata hikmah bawah ni. Yang penting kita bahagia. Bahagia sebab kita buat mengikut apa yang 'Tuan' kita suruh. Nanti Tuan kita bagi ganjaran berganda kat alam sana. Takkan tak mahu... ye dok...
The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find. So, apa2 benda yang berlaku seperti ujian-ujian keliling ni sebenarnya menyebabkan kita kenal lebih dalam pasal diri kita. So dengan mengetahui kelemahan dan kekuatan kita, kita boleh jadi lebih kuat tau. Maju kehadapan dengan lebih cepat dan effisien. jom!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Resepi Ayam Percik Kelantan

Assalamualaikum, Nihao, Konnichiwa..

Kali ni nak berkongsi resepi buat ayam percik. Resepi turun temurun yang susah nak jumpa kat kedai tapi sedap.... Sesiapa yang ada citarasa pantai timur, insyallah memang suka.

1. Ayam - 1 ekor. Potong kecik.
2. Bawang merah - 1biji
3. Bawang putih - 1 biji
4. Halia - 1/2inci
5. Garam - secukup rasa
6. Cili api* - optional. letak kalau suka makan pedas. tapi saya tak pernah try lagi. lepas ni mungkin akan cuba.

Cara: Tumbuk semua bahan 2-5, kemudian sapu kat ayam. Masak guna pemanggang ajaib sampai agak kering air.

Bahan sos:
1. Serai -1-2 batang. Diketuk.
2. Asam keping - 1 keping.
3. Bawang merah - 6-10biji bergantung kepada saiz ayam. Boleh tumbuk sampai lumat atau blend sekali dengan santan.
4. Santan pekat - RM2 X 2-3 ( atau lebih kurang 300-400 (bergantung kepada suka makan kuah banyak atau sikit).
5. Air - kalau nak bagi cair sikit.
6. Garam dan gula -secukup rasa.
7. Tepung beras - 1 sudu teh. masukkan lepas semua bahan ni dah mendidih.

Cara : Campur semua sekali gus dan masak samppai pekat dan mendidih.

Lepas dah siap kuah, baru tuang kuah keatas ayam tadi dalam pemanggang dan biarkan atas api sampai kering/kekuningan. Atau boleh juga dibakar dalam oven atau dipanggang.

Siap untuk dihidang.~

Gambar lupa nak snap untuk upload sini. sob3.. Nantikan menu seterusnya. Resepi yang lazat yang susah nak cari dikedai. hihi biasanya ayam percik kat kedai warna merah atau kuning.

oklah, itu saja kali ini. memasak memang best. sebab kita dapat kawal dan tahu  bahan2 yang dimasukkan dalam makanan kita.

jaane~ zai jian~ 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random thought

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa.

I just want to share for my 35 weeks working experience.  Initially, I was not able to adapt with the working condition. So many new things to do, need to understand. But now maybe i have become a bit immune to all sorts of "obstacle". I even thought of want to quit but alhamdulillah, now Im still able to work. Ya, people are human and not perfect. There are so many things need to do their way. Even one slight mistake or even 2 minutes dissapear from their eye will make u looks very bad.  Thats how my working place treat their newcomers. We dont even have rest time from 8am till 1pm.
If you are slow, they will complain why la slow, but if do fast then got mistake, they even scold more. Haha so better be slow and safe ok. Just ignore their talking. People will never satisfy with you.

oh yeah, why only complaining stuff above? Just want to let others know the real working condition really depends on the co-workers and superiors working there. There are many kinds of people you can observe. Here I will list type of some people that I have observe:
1. Angry bird. Scold everything that you do. But if you did it correctly, they will just ignore and shut up.
2. Detective. CSI, Query everything. Ask questions alot. Even if you ask them, they will answer you back with question.
3. Eagle eye + Reporter. Keep an eye on everything that you do. Then report to the superior if you done even some small mistake.
4. Snakes. They look Calm but Dangerous. Be extracareful eventhough they looks so nice and calm but once they dont like, they will fire you back.
5. 'Depressive baby'. Once they are in this mode, they will reject anything that do did. Even influence their friends to reject too.
6. Salesman. No demand, no supply. If you dont find me, if you dont ask me, i wont tell you anything.
7. Kakaktua. Will explain everything thousands of info within few minutes. And then you will become 'brainfreeze' coz could not able to digest the info.
8. Amnesia. Talking bad to the newcomers as if they will be forever superior. Kikiki~ pity wor.
9. Kaki sapu bodek boss. No need to explain. Will show up everything to make them looks good infront of the boss.
10.  Many more... lazy to think right now. Will add up later if i rajin.lol~

Anyway, there are a lot of benefit if you work here. As usual everything have their pro and cons as long as we are living in this world. So, the benefit is that, you are really learning so many thing and im sure you will become a good worker after finishing this course. They really teach you alot. Once you are competent and really good, suddenly the others become so nice to you. Ya, im 50:50 agree and disagree to those actions. I know if become too kind, people wont learn alot. But please try to teach instead of scolding bcoz people cant learn alot in depressed condition. As you know, mental health is really important so that you can function normally.

Working also makes you creative to create fake reason. Ya, everything you will learn because the pressure is there.

Thats why it is importance to have good attitude of the workers so that everything can run smoothly. However, we can only pray and try our best and the rest let Allah do. Allah know whats better for us anyway.

Btw, just short notes here. "The more busy you are, the more tasks you can do." Try as best as you can to do it nicely. If feel tired, go get some rest. The real rest is once we passed away. So, lets work the best until the time come. Pray to Allah alot to help you go through all the challenges in this temporary world. Ya, this world is temporary, so do all the problems.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Some Advices in Life

Assalamualaikum, Ni hao, Konnichiwa..

This is my second post for this year. Only now I'm able to have some time to write something. As usual, wanna write something short. Just some short advice.

If you want to choose your carrier (job), please choose the one that you like most. Meaning if you need to think about it for most of the time and you are happy with that, then the occupation is suitable for you. Why I suddenly saying this out of blue? coz now I only realized what I have choosen. So if you have child, expose them to everything. Let your child decide which things they like and develop/nurture their 'liking'.

How about you dont know what you actually like? Me also dont know how to answer that question. But i think it is better you ask Allah directly. He will let you go through the best route for you and believe in that. Believe that Allah knows you more than you know yourself.

Advice for those who get new job for the first time. Just do everything as being told even though you hate it or think it is not logic at all. Don't overthink, it is just a waste of energy. Sometimes you do not understand it at first, but later you will find out the wisdom behind it.  Most of the new start point will be very tough and challenging.

Not all working place will have good friends, good boss, or good leader. Most of time we will learn by 'force' a.k.a. under pressure a.k.a. learn by hard way. You will only realized the thing supposed to be done that way when you have done it wrongly.. or only realized after being scold~!.. Omg... Next, you really need to have 'deaf ear' and 'diamond heart' in order to live in the 'cruel working environment'. Am I being too negative? Nope. But why I'm saying 'cruel'? because some of them double face, treat people by casta (kasta), if that people looks weak, lets 'bully' them. hurmm~ Thats why the world now is really terrible  because the higher one is corrupt. We really need a good leader. Not a bossy boss. Some people just want to hide their weakness by scolding other people. this is real.

But one thing is that, you will also met people who work sincerely to help people as if the 'customers' is their own family members. I guess this kind of people believe in karma. Those who do good to others, we also received the same. This is in accordance in Islam but Muslim believe more than that. We want blessing from Allah which is far better than blessing from human itself.

My advice is that, just be confidence in yourself. Believe in Allah. No matter how bad they planned to do to you, if Allah has planned something better for you, you will get the best. So, no need to worry too much. Just do your best to get Allah's blessing. If you do your best to get people's expectation, people are always greedy and ungrateful and you will just end up fed-up.

You want something badly, but the challenges are there. A lot. However, nothing in this world comes easily. Even flowing water needs gravity. We as humankind are so weak. That's why we must always rely on Allah. Only Allah can help us go through everything with ease. Always pray to Allah and do your best. Let Allah do the rest.

Lets face the real world. Working world. World full of billions of 'colorful' people.

This is only my personal opinion. That's all.

Jaane~ Zai jian.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Early Working Experience

Assalamualaikum, ni hao, konnichiwa.

Today would like write something short cuz got no energy. Hihi just started working on early December and the coming week will be 7th week out of 52 weeks total. So many new things i've learnt and many more to come. Working required lots of energy because my job require me to think, memorize, and relate with so many things. Multi-tasking. Eventhough you are officially in that unit, but still required to do duty on other unit when your name appeared on timetable. The happy news is that there will be no night shift.  I really need to be strong, eat more healthy diet, maintain good health, and pray alot to Allah to make me stronger to face any challenges.

I'm sure that my friends also find this route a bit challenging because we are still in early phase plus 'working environment' is not that islamic because some seniors just love to condemn, talk out bad things instead of guiding nicely. Simply just because you get paid, so they can do whatever they want. Not everyone are bad but there are some tarnish that situation. Maybe they forgot that we have life in another world where you will get punish/reward on what you have done to others. We are working simply because Allah told us to find rizq in halal way. Not to forget Allah remind in Quran to do everything ikhlas and many more. Do you realize that? Do you want to waste your deeds just like that? I hope Allah will 'balas' (return) you anything that you have done to others either good or bad things. And i hope that Allah will help me alot.

So, for others who do feel stress or less spirit, remember to keep praying , read lots of Quran, make dua to Allah. We are actually going through another phase of challenge. So we need energy from Allah to make us able to get through it.

Everybody do feel fatigue while working but they can still treat others nicely. You also want people to treat you nicely right? if you can still be nice to ordinary people,  weak people, inferior people, sick people, or bad people, then you are really awesome excellent and may Allah reward you with million of rewards. Help others so that Allah will help you.

Im saying this as a reminder to me as well.

Thats all. Jaane. Zai jian.