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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Internal Audit Production Unit (17 Dec 2014)

Assalamualaikum Ni hao, Konnichiwa
Genki desu ka? Ni hao ma?
Here is my group poster presentation on our Quality assurance subject assignment. This is called internal audit for industry. Our focus is on production unit - starting material methyl salicylate..
Time taken to complete this is around 5 hours.. haha so long.. before this, i think 2 hours should be enough.
This assignment is just to make us familiarize with the process of auditing when we are working after this. This is very good process of learning and I like this so much.
First time of doing such auditing, make me feel really blur and cannot think properly when the executive production show us the related documents.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pusat Racun Negara (1 Disember 2014)

Assalamualaikum, Nihao Konnichiwa....
Here is my short notes during the visit at USM Penang. This is under subject Clinical Toxicology.
USM VISIT on 1/12/2014
Information regarding Cameron highlands : Pesticide amount in water is too high than safe amount, disarankan mnum air mineral saja.

《Case study which is adapted from real case》

Bdk 2 yo ingest thinner
▪Management /intervention▪
Pukul brp g hospital?
Apa intervention yg parent n doctor dah buat?
Gastric lavage n activated charcoal xperlu bg.
Sebab bg if <1hr ingestion.
Low viscosity xboleh bt lavage sbb boleh aspirate into the lung. Thinner, acid , alkali. Monitot cns, mental status, cek abg if pt have s/sx,