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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reminder and Self Motivation

Konnichiwa. Assalamualaikum. Ni hao. Genki?
Today i would like to share what i get from somebody. It is just for our self-motivation.

Here are the 9 things i would like to share:

1. Dont easily give up. Once you give up, syaitan win. Remember that, syaitan win if we give up. So, never give up.

2. The phrase 'its too late to change' is not acceptable. It is only accepted once we are at the Day of Judgement. If we are still living & breathing, there is always thousand of chance&opportunity to change. All depends on you!

3. Don't critic & lower down yourself.. Be matured in handling problem. Who will entertain you if not yourself? People will not entertain you all the time but you can. So, beside thinking positive to others, dont forget to think positively about yourself. :)

5. Allah count 'process' not result.If u died while struggling to change to be a better person, insyallah you'll be rewarded. Human will never be able to see this.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Review GalaxyChat BT-5330

Assalamualaikum. Konnichiwa. Wan shang hao.

Ok. As you can see the title, i'll make some review about galaxychat. (i compare with other samsung phone)

ok, this smartphone just launch around august 2012 which mean it is just about 3 month old. From what i have used until now, i'm satisfied with this phone. This phone is about the same like blackberry. It has keypad and touch screen. Ok, here i list what i have noticed the differences or i could say unique about this phone than other phone that i have ever try.

1. Have QWERTY keypad like blackberry PLUS if sometimes you want to have feeling of writing touch screen keypad, just turn on the setting in the phone. so, you will enjoy typing. But for me la, i only prefer touch screen when i'm bit 'rajin'. but most of the time, no la.. i want to write faster.. waste of time type delete type delete.. bored.. haha