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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Screen Recorder - Record Everything You Do

Hello, konnichiwa, please enjoy the video below~~~~ 
i'm playing around with this screen recorder.

BLACKLIST - Swarna Bumi Ticket

Hello, konnichiwa, assalamualaikum....

On this article, i would like to express my dissatisfaction / resentment riding this bus. The bus started journey at 9.15am but 5 minutes later, the engine stop. Whats the matter?????? No explanation & unsatisfied answer given when we ask "when will the problem solved?".. You can see the pictures attached below for the evidence.
This is how the ticket looks like.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Auto-Save Microsoft Office file

Hi, こんいちわ~~~

I want to share this new knowledge that i just realize it!
Maybe it's a bit late, but not tooo late.
If your lecturer don't want to give a copy of their lecture note, that's NOT a big problem at all!

1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint / Word / anything that you want.
2. Select File
3. Option

then, you will get  like this.