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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sekolah Agama Dari Kecik Sampai Besar? Baca ni

Assalamualaikum, ni hao, konnichiwa.

Kali ni berkaitan benda yang dah bermain difikiran sejak sekian lama. Dah kongsi di fb pada Sabtu lepas. Kali ni nak simpan artikel pendek kat sini pulak. Untuk dibaca pada masa depan..
Ada orang pernah kata....

Tadika agama, sek rendah & men agama, universiti pun agama, bergaul pun dengan orang ikut usrah je. Bila masa nak campur dengan masyarakat yang berbilang bangsa dan agama?
Pernah terfikir tak?

Hari tiba2 dapat satu jawapan.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Inspiring word [Updated with Pictures]

Assalamualaikum,  hello, ni hao, konnichiwa..

Today i just want to write something short and simple. 

1. Crying wont solve problem. So, dont cry.
2. Ignore negative things that people say around you. It does not worth any of your brain or time to think. Be 'deaf' as much as possible.haha
3. Try your best to do everything on your own. Never rely on anybody especially your parents or relatives. Never. You can only trust yourself.
4. Do exercise everyday, eat healthy and balanced diet.
5. Pray a lot. Forgive people, and control your anger. Getting angry = devil. Hikhik..
6. Mind your words. Never talk while you are angry. You will look like stupid or crazy person if you keep talking.haha believe it or not? If not, just try to observe la. Its funny.
7. People will always be people..not God. So, never put your 100% trust or anything because people will always causing you down.
8. Syukur in everything that you have. Never complain about thing that you dont have. But remember that you can dream to have something in the future.

Sometimes I feels want to die right now~! Especially when I'm not in a healthy condition such as feeling extremely tired or having not enough rest. But I know it is not my time to meet the God yet. Allah just want to test me. So, I must be strong and ask for Allah's help. That's why it is important to maintain a good health and have enough rest. Otherwise, our mental status will get disturbed and we will be unable to think wisely. ayoyo~

Here are some of the inspiring words written in the pictures. I love to read this especially when it is 'rainy' season in my heart. lol~ I hope this may benefit any of the readers passing-by. 

Some maybe good. Some might be only 50% or 70% good. So, just take the positive part only ok..

I'm not weird. I am Limited Edition.